A campaign aimed at Drexel students, consisting of an infographic poster, animation, and environmental display.
During my time at Drexel, I noticed that while our university emphasizes the importance of civic engagement, students are not often involved in volunteering. The goal of this campaign is to convince students that volunteering is an activity worthy of their limited time. To do so, I created an infographic poster to be displayed across Drexel's campus. 
Along with the poster, I created a short animation directing students to Drexel's Lindy Center for Civic Engagement for local volunteer opportunities. This would run on televisions in academic buildings, dining halls, and dorms. The third campaign piece is an environmental display, which includes a small infographic, and flyers that students can take with them. The display can be installed anywhere on campus.
Infographic poster to be displayed across Drexel's campus. The poster is divided into three sections: "What's the problem?", which provides data on volunteering in PA and across the US, "What do I get?", which highlights the benefits of volunteering, and "What can I do?", outlining areas of interest students can get involved in and providing them with a call to action.
An animation meant to direct students to Drexel’s Lindy Center for Civic Engagement, where they can sign up for local volunteer opportunities. This animation can be shared via Drexel's social media platforms, email newsletters, and televisions in the academic and residential buildings across campus.
Environmental display mock-up. Flyers with more information would be included in the backpack “pockets” so that students and passerby could take this information home and learn about local volunteer opportunities.

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